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This page contains some helpful information about this website, personal loans and how they are regulated by the US legislation. All the facts provided here are given for guidance only. We’d also like to point out that some of them are subject to a change. For this reason it’s better to check legal details once in a while by using governmental and other relevant sources that cover the status of short-term loans.

Please, read the information below BEFORE you submit a loan request.

What is a personal loan?

A personal loan is an unsecured loan you give back in predetermined payments. They are designed to deal with emergencies and unexpected purchases. They shouldn’t be viewed or used as a panacea to all problems. If handled poorly, a personal loan may morph into a rather expensive financial solution.

Are personal loans legal?

Personal loans are legal, indeed. However, every state has its own standards and regulation regarding online lending, that’s why it’s always a good thing to check information with the authorities of your state.

Is a lender?

No. We are not involved in the lending process, we do not lend money or approve requests and we certainly do not insist or recommend that you borrow them. Our role is simple - to function as a bridge between you, our user, and lenders from our network. If you want to learn more about us, visit pages for our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use. They contain legal information about us.

I’m not satisfied with my loan terms. What do I do?

Talk to your lender. As we stated above, we aren’t involved in the lending process and we hold no information about agreements you make with lenders. We have no access to terms and fees that lenders offer. Our page for Rates and Fees may shed more light on this issue.

Are personal loans safe to take?

They are safe to take when you know what responsible lending and borrowing is. To learn more about this matter, please, visit our page for Responsible Lending.

Can a foreigner apply for a personal loan through your platform?

Only residents of the United States may access our platform.

I’m seventeen. Can I use your website to submit a request?

We do not render our services to minors.

What makes a deal legal?

A loan agreement. This is the very document that makes things real and controlled by law. If one of the parties violates the provisions of the agreement, there will be legal consequences.

When a deal is finalized?

As soon as you e-sign a loan agreement, you can’t back away. In this case your e-signature confirms that you’ve agreed to all the terms, that’s why recommend that you think twice before e-signing something.

What Makes Us Different

We don’t wait for action, we create action. Time is priceless, and we do our best to provide you with fast and sustainable connection with the most respected lenders in the industry.